The global pandemic, emerging technologies, changing social and economic trends are altering the way we live and work.  Recognizing the impact on community health workers and unpaid family caregivers, the Canadian Home Care Association is sharing ideas on how to plan, establish and maintain great workplaces. Workplaces where employees are valued, respected, and nurtured. Over the next 24 months, the CHCA will explore and introduce new ways for employers to support, empower, recognize, and invest in their employees. Our goal is to stimulate conversation, to generate innovative and help shape the future of workplaces.

2021 Campaign

Supporting Working Caregivers: Shaping Future Workplaces

Our first campaign, launched on September 6 (labour day) is building awareness among Canadian employers of the need for caregiver friendly policies and programs as they shape their future workplace structures post COVID-19. The health care sector, and home care especially, is facing unprecedented recruitment and retention issues. Home care providers cannot risk losing skilled employees. Increased employee turnover and a diminished workforce not only affects operational productively and costs it has huge potential impact on the quality and continuity of patient care.

Many health care workers are experiencing psychological distress because of the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic. These stresses are present in their work life (e.g. heightened focus on patient safety, changing directives, understanding and use of PPE and prevention protocols) and their personal life (e.g. safety of family members, increased caregiving responsibilities, isolation from loved ones).   The challenges of dealing with COVID-19 will not go away soon. Employers must create flexible workplace environments and have the policies and tools to support their valued employees and promote a positive work-life balance.

Through Carers Canada, a CHCA priority program, we are raising awareness of the challenges facing employee caregivers and the need for flexible policies as employers shape their future workplaces post COVID-19.   Join us in this exciting campaign:

Other campaign themes and actions to shape future workplaces will be featured in 2022.

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