Facilitating knowledge sharing and creating connections between and among home and community-care providers, health policy planners, funders and other relevant partners is a core function of the CHCA. We engage our members and work with partners to identify and address priority issues that impact individuals receiving home and community-based care.

Our partnerships, networks and coalitions function to raise the visibility of home and community-based care. Our goal is providing a common foundation for advancing key issues by combining the relative strengths of various stakeholders including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments, private companies and academic institutions.



A shared understanding of the issue and rationale for working together


Effective use and alignment of resources to reflect the scale of the initiative


Well-defined goals, expectations and outcomes


Agreed-upon messaging and reinforcement of shared and open dialogue


Users are ‘experts’ of their own experience and are central to the design and implementation process

Our Partners

As an active member in the QELCCC, the CHCA works to ensure all Canadians have the right to die with dignity, free of pain and surrounded by their loved ones. The CHCA brings the voice and experience of our members to this coalition of 36 members and collectively advances five key priorities through advocacy and education:

  • Access to high-quality palliative end-of-life care in all settings
  • Recognition and support for family caregivers
  • Standardized education for all health care providers
  • Investment in research to support evidence-informed decision making
  • Documentation of care wishes through advance care planning

Recognizing the importance of caregivers in the provision of home and community-based care, the CHCA sponsors and manages Carers Canada, a national coalition that builds awareness and advocates for caregivers across Canada. Members of the coalition include both national and provincial organizations that work through a cooperative engagement model. Carers Canada creates opportunities for partners to profile their caregiver-friendly initiatives and engage in advocacy campaigns.   We invite all CHCA members and organizations interested in supporting caregivers to join Carers Canada and help us:

  • Influence policy directions and programming for caregivers
  • Increase awareness of caregivers’ strength and needs
  • Build a movement to recognize and honour caregivers’ voices and experiences

The CHCA and Carers Canada are part of an international network of caregiver organizations known as the International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO). Members of IACO work to establish global understanding and recognition of the essential role of carers with respect to care recipients, health and social care systems, and society. IACO’s strategic goals align and support the caregiver priorities in Canada, including:

  • Increasing global awareness and recognition of carers
  • Enhancing understanding of the impact of caring on patient health outcomes, care systems and economies
  • Creating a global strategy and commitment to action for carers
  • Creating a sustainable alliance recognized as a valued international resource

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