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CHCA Project ECHO Integrated Seniors Care

All teach, all learn.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Home and Primary Health Care

Launching in Fall 2024, the Project ECHO Integrated Seniors Care (ISC) initiative aims to enhance the competencies of home care and primary health care providers to meet the holistic and diverse needs of seniors with complex care needs in home and community settings. This ECHO stream focuses on integrated care models and seniors care, promoting a multidisciplinary approach to care delivery across various topics, including chronic disease management, cancer care, neurological disorders, dementia care, and more.

What Gaps Will Project ECHO ISC Address?

The Project ECHO ISC will address significant challenges in senior care:

Limited Specialized Knowledge

Many healthcare providers lack access to specialized training and expertise.

Geographical Isolation

Providers in remote or underserved areas often face barriers to continuous professional development

Need for Continuous Professional Development

Ongoing education and skill enhancement are critical for high-quality care

Through this capacity-building initiative, seniors with complex care needs will benefit from the expertise of specialists who share their knowledge with home and primary care providers, leading to better care and health outcomes.

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Project ECHO Integrated Seniors Care is made possible through the support from the Canadian Medical Association in partnership with the Canadian Home Care Association.