An experience map is a tool that increases our understanding of the patient, caregiver and provider experience when receiving or providing home-based palliative care. The dialogue and mapping processes help identify gaps and opportunities and generates innovative ideas. The process encourages participants to reflect on how they think, feel and behave at each stage of the integrated palliative care journey. Focusing on the four theme areas for home-based palliative care—advance care planning, assessment and delivery, communication, and equipment and medication—we uncovered breakthrough insights and identified the most valuable opportunities for improving home-based palliative care.

Beginning in June 2018, the CHCA project team conducted a multi-phased stakeholder engagement process to create four palliative care experience maps. The results of the comprehensive engagement process have provided a rich landscape of palliative care experiences across the country and opportunities for innovations in operational processes. Each experience map provides a visual representation of opportunities and gaps shared by subject matter experts, patients and caregivers. Participants were engaged through an invitational workshop, telephone interviews and online surveys. Themes and content were validated using an E-Delphi survey with a panel of experts.

Although each mapping process explored a different aspect of home-based palliative care, the results of the consultations and dialogue identified three shared touchpoints that impacted all experiences in home-based palliative care.

KNOWLEDGE – a person’s intellectual understanding of palliative care
SKILLS – an individual’s abilities, experience and competency in palliative care
PROCESSES – procedures, structure and tools that enable home-based palliative care


Experience translating advance care plans and health care wishes into the planning and delivery of services in the home. Download PDF


Experience in early and ongoing identification of the needs and strengths of patients and caregivers and ways to incorporate assessment results into shared care plans. Download PDF


Experience in timely access, efficient management and safe disposal of equipment, supplies and medications in the home. Download PDF


Experience in communication with patients, caregivers and the multi-disciplinary care team that support shared decision making and care coordination. Download PDF

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