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Project ECHO

All teach, all learn.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Home and Community Care.

Through CHCA Project ECHO, we envision a future where all patients receive high-quality care, no matter where they live. Project ECHO’s innovative model provides education, spreads best practices, and builds collaborative provider networks in home and community-based care. The outcomes are enhanced skills, increased knowledge, improved care quality, better patient outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and greater provider satisfaction.

Home Care Project ECHO delivers solutions

CHCA Project ECHO is closing the knowledge gap in home and primary care by providing equal access to expertise, experience, and evidence-based practices.
• Enables providers to access ongoing education and training opportunities despite geographical, financial, and time constraints.
• Fosters seamless collaboration and communication among multidisciplinary healthcare providers.
• Encourages skill and knowledge updates to stay current with advancements in clinical practices and healthcare technology.

ECHO Streams

Each ECHO Stream targets key areas in home and community-based care across the country. Using the renowned Project ECHO model from the University of New Mexico, CHCA Project ECHO connects you with specialists, experts, research, and tools. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Virtual TeleECHO Sessions: Join 1-hour virtual sessions with experts and engage in case-based discussions.
  • Case-Based Learning: Discuss real-life case studies and share provider insights during every session.
  • Best Practice Protocols: Learn from evidence-informed practices and protocols tailored to each theme and topic.
  • Continuing Education: Access resources and tools through the online ECHO Hub to support your continuous learning journey.

Choose an ECHO Stream to enhance your skills, gain valuable insights, and connect with experts and peers.