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CHCA Project ECHO Home-Based Palliative Care

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Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Home-Based Palliative Care

Since 2021, the CHCA Project ECHO Home-Based Palliative Care has been delivering evidence-informed content and case studies to tackle the competency challenges faced by providers across the country. Through Virtual ECHO Sessions and our online resource HUB, we  breaking down major barriers to high-quality care at home. By engaging home and community care providers and palliative care specialists, we are building the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to meet the needs of patients, their families, and caregivers.

2024 Theme: Unpacking the Principles of a Palliative Approach to Care

Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life of people with life-limiting conditions and their designated families or caregivers. This person-centred care ideally begins at diagnosis, continues into bereavement, and is for people of any age.

In order to achieve this outcome, home care providers need to be confident in their skills, knowledge and attitudes in a range of educational areas.  Using the Canadian Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Competency Framework as our evidence-based guide, the topics in our 2024 ECHO theme feature palliative care specialists, subject matter experts and case studies to facilitate knowledge sharing and development of the competencies in this domain: Principles of a Palliative Approach to Care.

Learning Topics

2023 Theme and Learning Topics

Essential Skills for Palliative Care

Domain 2 Cultural Safety and Humility : Creating Safe Spaces for People with Life-Limiting Illness

Domain 8 Self-Care: Caring for Yourself When You Care for Others

Domain 3 Communication: Engaging with Families in Conversations about Serious Illness

Domain 5 Care Planning and Collaborative: Practice—Bridging the Transition Gap: Essential Skills and Strategies

Domain 12 Virtual Care: Evolving Care: Virtual Skills and Strategies

2022 Theme and Learning Topics

Be Prepared: Palliative Care Emergences in the Home

Breathing (Dyspnea): Signs, Symptoms and Responses

Balance (Hypercalcemia): Signs, Symptoms and Responses

Blockages (Spinal Cord and SVC): Signs, Symptoms and Responses

Bleeding (Hemorrhage): Signs, Symptoms and Responses

2021 Theme and Learning Topics

Communication Strategies in Palliative Care

Guiding Conversations with Patients and Caregivers: Using Emotional Intelligence Skills

Recognizing Palliative Care Emergencies in the Home

Whole Community Palliative Rounds: Interdisciplinary Communication

ECHO Home-Based Palliative Care Community HUB

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The CHCA is a a hub partner of the Pallium Canada Palliative Care ECHO Project, 5-year national initiative funded by Health Canada to cultivate communities of practice and establish continuous professional development among health care providers across Canada who care for patients with life-limiting illness.