Recognizing the important role caregivers have in home and community-based care, the CHCA created Carers Canada a national coalition dedicated to increasing recognition and support for caregivers. Led by the CHCA, Carers Canada acts as a catalyst to build awareness of caregivers, inform federal initiatives and share leading practices that support and empower caregivers. Through Carers Canada we advance the vision of an integrated health and social care system providing seamless person- and family-centred care that is accessible, accountable, evidence-informed, and sustainable.

Caregivers’ role in home and community-based care

Caregivers’ perspectives on home-based palliative care

Impact of COVID-19 on Caregivers

National Caregiver Day

A central part of Carers Canada’s work is leading the National Caregiver Day campaign. The first Tuesday of April has been unanimously adopted by the Members of Parliament of Canada to recognize the importance of the “invisible” unpaid worker. Interchangeably known as National Caregiver Day, this day marks our formal recognition of caregivers and the valuable contribution they make to care recipients, our communities, and our economy.

Carers Canada has led National Caregiver Day Awareness Campaigns since 2009. Over the past 11 years, we have successfully raised awareness of caregivers, encouraged action and informed policy. Our campaigns have included:

  • Educational sessions and webinars featuring caregivers’ experiences, local supports, and programming.
  • Federal government engagement with luncheons and breakfasts on parliament hill with federal Ministers and MPs.
  • Endorsements from the Prime Minster, Health Minister, and other senior officials for National Caregiver Day.
  • Engaging grass roots organizations in joint communications and information sessions.
  • Profiling caregiver voices through an on-line pledge wall (Because I Care), videos and feature stories.

Federal Advocacy

Through Carers Canada advocacy work we are committed to informing governments and decision-makers about caregiver challenges and opportunities to address them. Meetings with federal elected officials, submissions to inform the federal budget deliberations and other key initiatives, and global advocacy projects all contribute to ensuring the caregivers’ voice is an ongoing part of the dialogue.

The National Caregiver Strategy presents the universal priorities identified by caregivers and caregiver support groups across the country. Launched in 2008, revised in 2014 and 2020, the strategy lays out a roadmap for collaborative action on policy, programming, and services.

Quick Facts

8 Million
caregivers provide support in Canada. Statistics Canada, 2012

of caregivers provide care to a loved one with age-related conditions.

16 to 28 Hours
Caregivers provide 16–28 hours of care per month.
The Vanier Institute of the Family, 2005

of caregivers provide care for one or more years.
Statistics Canada, 2012


Advancing Collective Priorities: A Canadian Carer Strategy

This report showcases the progress on the action items in the national carer strategy and details the policies and practice initiatives that support carers across Canada. Download Report

Mobilizing Action: Family Care Givers in Canada

This integrated and shared plan addresses the physical, psychosocial and financial needs of family caregivers. Building on numerous initiatives and leveraging the commitment and momentum of over 60 organizations across Canada, Mobilizing Action will effect real change and have a lasting impact on family caregivers. Download Report

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